About Us

About Us

“Paratus” is a Latin word that means Be Prepared.

The company was founded by Dr. John Carrano, who had a vision to create a universal platform for point-of-care (POC) testing using a cell phone as the “instrument” that could rapidly & easily perform multiplex testing for multiple biomarkers, such as specific proteins, bacteria & viruses.

Paratus continues to develop Dr. Carrano’s platform vision toward the commercialization of multiple tests.  The company has expanded this vision to research the latest leading-edge advancements in new technology areas to meet a range of testing needs.  Along those lines, the company has expanded its capabilities by providing lab-based testing services as a high-complexity CLIA Certified Laboratory.  That effort is currently focusing exclusively on COVID-19 testing.

CLIA stands for “Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988.”  It requires stringent standards for certain types of human specimen tests for health assessment or the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of disease.  PCR Testing for COVID-19 diagnostic and screening use can only be run by high-complexity CLIA Certified Laboratories.

Paratus’ CLIA # is 45D2185739

Company Vision

To provide convenience, timeliness and precision in the diagnosing of diseases to make healthcare more affordable and accessible to people worldwide.

Our POC Mission

To develop a universal point-of-care diagnostic platform that provides lab quality results without the lab.

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