Point-of-Care Platform

Dental Chairside Periodontal Test Prototype

ParatusPerio® Test

At the heart of the ParatusPerio® test is our highly differentiated, and patent protected, handheld cartridge.  Using the consumable cartridge is as easy as placing the flocked swab in the cartridge, closing the lid, pushing a button and docking the cartridge to the mating adapter.

Liquid Samples

Current development efforts are centered around a cartridge for liquid-based samples to use with our cell phone-based platform.

We are currently working on a rapid point-of-care (POC) antigen test for detecting the COVID-19 virus. It would provide results within about 15 minutes of collecting a saliva sample and would not require a nasopharyngeal swab.


As a productive dentist, my patient care philosophy has always been ‘high-tech, high-touch’. Having chairside, instant lab results identifying pathogenic bacteria is a game changer!

Bruce Baird

DDS & Founder, Productive Dentist Academy
“The ParatusPerio® Test is the game changer dentistry has been waiting for. The benefits of accuracy, immediacy, and convenience will revolutionize how we care for our patients.”

Tom Nabors Sr.

DDS, Founder of Oral DNA Laboratories

Future Applications

We are evaluating additional applications where a rapid result biologic test can have a major impact on health outcomes:


Our platform can be tailored for many different kinds of diagnostic tests

Detection of important agents. Example: COVID-19 wastewater monitoring

To monitor & prevent the spread of disease after natural disasters

In the field monitoring for agents of interest to DOD

To monitor potential contamination in food supplies

Department of Defense

Paratus Diagnostics has been under contract with the US Defense Department since 2016 developing portable diagnostic and detection technologies for future warfighters. In August 2019, Paratus was invited to participate in the Chemical and Biological Operations Assessment (CBOA) where emerging technologies can gain feedback from real warfighters using their technology in realistic scenarios. The PreparedNow® System received very positive feedback from service members who cited the technology’s ease of use and simple user interface.


“This thing is awesome”

– Warfighter of the United States Marines

“This is fantastic technology – I can’t wait to see us using it in the future”

– Warfighter of the United States Marines

“This was one of the favorite technologies at CBOA this year, people love the UI [user interface] and see a lot of potential for future applications”

– CBOA Volunteer

CBOA Trials 2019

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